Hi, I'm Jayson Rice

Full-stack software developer,
lover of technology and the outdoors

After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University in 2017 with a B.S. in Digital Media, I started my professional career at a digital marketing agency. After growing tired of marketing for the next year, I determined that software development was the right direction for me to move in.

I think being thoroughly familiar with digital media helps my skills as a developer. I respect good design and have a better understanding of what a user wants to see on their screen. I already loved solving problems in the digital space with creative solutions, and now I still can. I started my transition to software development at Nashville Software School in 2020 and haven't looked back since.

You can download my resume here


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Pets please thumbnail

Pets Please - HTML, CSS, JS, React.js

  • Front end capstone at NSS; I made a site where users can share pictures of their pets
  • Required to have unique experience for every user, full CRUD funtionality, and built using React hooks
Frame Advance thumbnail

Frame Advance - C#, .NET, SQL Server, React

  • Final capstone at NSS; A full stack application for people who play competitive games to review their videos easier
  • Built using React framework, an ASP.NET Web API and SQL Server
Trivia thumbnail

Trivia Training - HTML, CSS, JS, React.js

  • Front-end React app that presents the user 10 multiple choice questions per a round for them to practice.
  • Questions are randomized and the user is presented with a new score for every round.
Bounce the Ball thumbnail

Bounce the Ball - JS, P5.js

  • Remake of Facebook Messenger's soccer game using P5.js framework.
  • Bounce a soccer ball as many times as you can without dropping it.
  • Click powerups to juggle multiple balls at once.
Tabloid thumbnail

Event Dashboard - Vue.js

  • Find events in your area with this single page app
  • Uses the SeatGeek API to return events in a chosen date range
Nutshell thumbnail

Nutshell - HTML, CSS, JS

  • Five member sprint to build a single-page application that would allow users to save tasks, articles, events, and share them with other users
  • Responsible for CRUD functionality of events section and how it renders depending on user relationships
Tabloid thumbnail

Tabloid - C#, .NET, SQL Server, React

  • First full stack application built as a group
  • Responsible for CRUD functionality of categories and implementing the ability to add tags and reactions to posts


Contact Me

Want to connect? I'm always happy to talk about code, art, or games. If you're interested in my old digital media portfolio, you can find it here.

(423) 426-7257